Bring Your Mixes to Life with These 5 Free Mastering Sites

Daniel Mwangi
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Getting radio-ready shimmer and volume without spending big bucks can seem impossible. Yet by using the right free online mastering platforms, that studio-quality polish is just clicks away.

In this guide, we’ll explore 5 top websites for mastering music yourself using the latest AI and analysis tools at no cost.

I’ll be evaluating their features, audio quality, ease of use and limitations based on real tests. You’ll see exactly what to expect so your next release keeps fans replaying it loud.

Let’s boost those mixes!

1. Landr
As a pioneer in free AI-powered mastering since 2014, Landr has refined algorithms analyzing millions of top tracks. Simply upload your mix and let Landr optimize elements like EQ, compression and limiting using that data.

You can expect surprisingly competitive volume and clarity rivaling expert work. Though some additional human tweaking may capture finer detail. Signing up grants 2 free monthly masters for converting listeners.

2. AUMastering Another free online mastering assistant harnessing AI for objectively balanced results. AUMastering promises sweetened highs and focused lows in your mix using machine learning.

Upload your file and select a mastering profile from genres like Pop, Electronic and Acoustic. One big advantage here is adjusting song-specific settings like tempo, key and instruments played to inform smarter mastering tweaks.

Register to access 2 free masters monthly with extra flexibility if you upgrade. Expect punchy loudness and space for elements to cut through.

3. eMastered
What sets eMastered apart is directly integrating with DAW workflow rather than only browser uploading. Install the plugin and export mastering-ready files without changing windows.

It also provides before/after previews allowing A/B testing modifications in real-time like a human engineer. The free account offers 2 monthly full track masters focused on clean, balanced results. It's ideal for previewing improvements before releasing them loud.

Another site that provides free AI-powered audio mastering with features like loudness targeting, shaping transient impacts and tonal balancing. Expect vibrance and clarity improvements in your mix with the basic account allowing 1 free master upload per week.

So while Youlean won’t improve the raw file itself, its diagnostic feedback helps you make smarter manual mix decisions. This gets your music competitively loud before final creative mastering touches.

There are 5 top websites for free mastering without needing expensive hardware or engineers. While premium human craftsmanship has advantages for intricate projects, these AI tools enable great baseline results, especially for beginners.